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If you want to enjoy your travel as much as possible, there are some travel safety tips you should consider before setting off. Minor accidents might come out of nowhere, right? To diminish the chance of occurrence of these kinds of accidents it is your best choice to have a look at important travel safety tips.

When you travel abroad (or to a distant place in your country), you might come across things that you never imagine. A widely acknowledged thumbs-up gesture is used to approve or indicate the well-being of something in European and American cultures, however, you might find yourself in danger if you do it in Greece. Hopefully, these essential travel safety tips are going to broaden your horizon and help you not to get caught off guard.


1. Search it, Plan it and Check it

Travel safety tips could tremendously vary depending on your travel location. However, preparing well enough takes the first place for almost every travel.Once, the experience was the only reliable teacher. It is still true to a certain degree, yet the internet generously provides a mighty lot of information, we can’t dismiss that. You can learn a lot about your destination through the internet. If you are going to accommodate at a hotel, you can check other customers’ opinions and experiences. Probably you don’t want to end up being at Cecil Hotel!

Travelling evokes pleasant things in our minds. In order not to ruin your travel it is better you check out these safety tips before taking the road.

2. Make Sure You Have Copies of Your Documents

In order to minimize the possible bothersome effects of theft, one of the most important travel safety tips is backing up your documents before taking the road. It is better if you have both online and physical copies of your id card, passport, and driver’s license. Being a victim of a theft is already grueling, instead of making matters worse you can simply bring copies of your important documents and save your time.


3. No Back Pockets!

Even when you are traveling to the safest place on earth, you should know that there will still be pickpockets and crimes. After all, accidents hurt, but safety doesn’t. Especially if you are going to use public transportation, one of the most essential travel tips you should obey is not using your back pockets for your phone and wallet.

4. Try to Blend In

If you don’t want to pay double just because you are a tourist, it is a good idea to act like a local. To stay away from scammers, who are able to accurately distinguish tourists from far away, you can try keeping pace with locals by looking like them. You can try to dress like locals so that there will be fewer strangers around you.

5. Locals Might Help

Do you want to learn what neighborhoods are dangerous for tourists? It is highly likely that there is no one but locals who know it better. If you ask these kinds of questions to a shopkeeper you have shopped, they will try to help you since they feel as if they owe you something. Don’t forget travel safety tips are not all about avoiding things, you need to be proactive sometimes.

Travelling evokes pleasant things in our minds. In order not to ruin your travel it is better you check out these safety tips before taking the road.
6. Watch Out for Strangers Appearing Out of Nowhere

There are going to be people trying to approach you without your will or permission. After you tell them you are not interested, it is best to make up an excuse and get away from them in this case. Even if they have good intentions, you should keep your eyes skinned.


7. Don’t Carry a Lot of Cash

Some of the travel safety tips might be challenging to apply, but I assure you this one is really simple. You probably want to carry cash with you since not every shop accepts bank cards. Yet, make sure you carry only a small amount of your money in cash, and the rest of them can stay in your bank account, and as your cash gets low you can always withdraw it.

8. Beware of the Public Wi-Fi

Even though it is not considered among the most dangerous safety rules while travelling, every passing day internet becomes more and more a part of our lives. During your travels, avoid sharing information concerning your corporation, or anything that requires privacy. Also, make sure that your device does not automatically connect to a public Wi-Fi. There might be some fake Wi-Fi networks, created by hackers to gather your private information.

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9. Learn Emergency Numbers

In a state of emergency, occasionally we tend to forget what we already know. It’s better if you enlist the contact numbers of the local police and ambulance just in case. So that, you can reach the necessary numbers without feeling under pressure.

10. No Show-Off

Showing off your wealth is something you should avoid when we think of travel safety tips. If you are too rich, you can show it off to your neighbors or maybe jealous relatives. To stay safe, do not carry any jewelry with you. You don’t want to become an open target for thieves, do you?

11. Don’t Drink Tap Water

If you do not know whether tap water is clean or not, do not risk yourself by drinking it. Simply have bottled water instead.


12. Have a Command of Your Appetite

Those street foods might attract your eyes, however, let’s not jump to it and learn if it is healthy or not. Not getting sick out of delicious-looking food could be one of the primary travel safety tips you might come across. Make sure the food you are going to eat is safe in order not to spend your vacation in a hospital.

13. Don’t Push Your Limits While Having Fun

Since safety rules while travelling becomes more of an issue, it is not recommended to get insanely high while partying on a journey. Cheap drugs and alcohol you run across at a party might get you into hot water. You can relax by having a small amount of alcohol but know your limits and do not try to exceed them.

14. Let Someone Know Where You Are

Travel safety tips not only help you to enjoy your travel in the best possible way but also can save your life. Before going to your destination, inform your friends, relatives, or family about your travel so that if they lose contact they will know where to start seeking your track.

Travelling evokes pleasant things in our minds. In order not to ruin your travel it is better you check out these safety tips before taking the road.

15. Learn the Basic Words of the Language

One of the safety tips while travelling you should be aware of is having a knowledge of such emergency phrases as “Where is the police station”, and “Somebody help!” Eventually, everyone is not speaking the same language. Learn some of the basic phrases in the most spoken language at the place you travel to communicate with locals.


16. Don’t Ride at Night

If you are traveling by car, avoid riding at night. Feeling drowsy and attention deficit occurs more at night. If you have to ride at night, anyway, make sure you have your coffee next to you.

17. Travel Insurance

Are you bored of all of these travel safety tips? If you don’t want to occupy your mind with the possible unexpected accidents, then travel insurances await you. Travel insurances diminish your loss in any case of theft or injury. With these insurances, you can travel with fewer precautions after all.

This list of travel safety tips will secure you on your journey. I recommend you take this issue seriously. When safety is first, you last.



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