Meditation: What is Sleep Meditation?sleep meditation \ meditation can be your spiritual journey tool \being present in the moment \ motivationof

 Sleep meditation is a transitional state between being awake and sleeping in which you place yourself in a ‘yogic sleep,’ or a state in which the body is completely relaxed but the mind is alert. When you had a bad day or you just feel like letting go of the bad feelings at the end of the day then it may be the time for your sleep meditation. It helps you make your body&mind ready for a tight sleep.

What is Meditation?

  Meditation is a simple practice that anyone can do to reduce stress, increase calm and clarity, and bring happiness into your life. Anyone, regardless of any religion, can practice it. Additionally, meditation is not just about closing your eyes and breathing. It is more than that. Meditation can be your spiritual journey tool and can help you survive hard times in your life. During meditation especially during sleep meditation, while closing the day, your mind will wander. You may notice other sensations in your body, things going on around you, or simply become lost in thought, daydreaming about the past or present, possibly judging yourself or others.

What is Mindfulness?

       I can say that mindfulness is a type of meditation but other than that it is a thing on its own. For instance, being present in the moment makes you mindful. Staying present is a hard thing to do because our minds wander all the time. It is highly impossible to do that the first time but you can keep practicing mindfulness. That’s what it is all about. Practice makes perfect 🙂

sleep meditation \ meditation can be your spiritual journey tool \being present in the moment \ motivationof

Types of  Meditation

       Not all meditation types are the same and maybe it is not adequate for your personal needs. Here are the types of meditations:

    • mindfulness meditation
    • spiritual meditation
    • loving-kindness meditation
    • movement meditation
    • mantra meditation
    • transcendent meditation
    • progressive relaxation
    • centered meditation
    • visualization meditation

       Now, I won’t go and explain to you all of them with their details but let me tell you my personal favorites. In mindfulness meditation, you pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You don’t judge or become involved with the thoughts. You simply concentrate and become one with your breath. I believe this is great practice for people who overthink a lot. Mindfulness meditation keeps you conscious. Give it a try and you can not believe how much it will relieve your level of stress and the calmness you will experience.

       Another favorite of mine is loving-kindness meditation. It involves opening the mind to receive love from others and then sending well wishes to loved ones and all living beings. How amazing, isn’t it? To be able to do that you must love yourself first and always put yourself first. This may sound a bit selfish but believe me, it is not. How can you show love and kindness to others when you don’t have it inside? I wish we could all spread love and kindness to others around us…





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