stress management techniques %%sep%% stress management skills %%sep%% critical incident stress %%sep%% handle the stress %%sep%% strategies Stress management is a concept that everyone hears frequently in today’s society. It is necessary for us when the stress is at a certain level. However,when it is overdosed,it affects negatively our daily life and routine. That’s why there are various ways to control stress.


The first step of stress management is to find the cause of the stress.

Then you have to face it without running away from it. It can be difficult to find the source of stress. It is important to see and accept certain situations. When we confront the stressors,we may realize that the issue is not as bad as we considered. After that,we can start thinking about the ways of solutions. Even if there is nothing we can do,we can do somethings to calm our mind.


The second tip of stress management is when we need someone’s help, we ask them for it.

For some people, asking someone for help feels like a weakness. In fact,it shows that we are humble. There are some situations that we cannot handle alone. We often take on more than we can deal with. Accepting support relaxes us both physically and mentally. When we can’t keep up with our responsibilities,our body begins to give stress responses. This is actually a warn. Our body and mind give an alarm saying, “I can’t keep up and I’m struggling”. Usually we supress that sound. We continue as if everything is fine. We must learn to listen and understand that voice.


stress management techniques %%sep%% stress management skills %%sep%% critical incident stress %%sep%% handle the stress %%sep%% strategies
The third point I want to mention is walking or any movement activity.

It is very difficult to start these. Getting out of your comfort zone is hard. Once you realize that walking makes us feel good without spending any money,you will lengthen the paths so as not to finish the walk. Exercising outdoors increases the body’s capacity to use oxygen. In addition,it releases serotonin,which increases happiness. Noticing what’s happening around us while walking helps reduce stress in our minds. It allows us to come out of the chaos inside us.


The fourth tip is to spend time in a new hobby every day.

When we have a lot of free time,we always think about the things we are stressed about. Of course,we should not force ourselves to spend all our time productively. Trying to be prolific all the time also creates anxiety. If we already have hobbies,we can continue them. Normal productivity level plays an important role in stress management. The main point is to spend time with an occupation outside of school or work. This way, we can learn to cope with stress.


The fifth point is learning to say no.

When we don’t want to be in a situation,we should make it clear. When we say no,we suppose that we are hurting the other person. On the contrary,we want to protect our own borders. Our principles and desires give shape to how we say yes or no. When we say no,it doesn’t mean we don’t love that person. We accept most of the things so as not to offend people. However,this triggers our stress in a negative way. Doing something forcibly makes us feel like we’re stuck in an aquarium. If we continue to do so,our stress can reach an uncontrollable level.


stress management techniques %%sep%% stress management skills %%sep%% critical incident stress %%sep%% handle the stress %%sep%% strategies

I think writing is an effective way to manage stress. Sometimes it is difficult to express our thoughts. We may not feel comfortable expressing our concerns to others. If you want,you can trash what you wrote. If you want you can keep it. After a few months or years,you can read it and laugh at yourself. Moreover, you can observe how your reactions to stress,develop over time.
Stress can seem scary. Remember that being brave does not mean not being afraid. It is being able to continue despite fears. If you make an effort to manage your stress,it will be much easier to move on life.





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