literature and healing %%sep%% The Benefits of Literature - The Benefits of Reading - Literature and Depression - How Does Literature Heal?

How literature heals us? Why literature is a powerful antidepressant? While the writer writes down the feelings that he may have suppressed, he or she finds himself in the writing and realizes that he or she is not alone. Sometimes literature is a guide for us, sometimes it makes us forget our troubles, and sometimes…it teaches us new things. It helps us understand the past, live the present, and build the future. Literature can help us for healing. More specifically, why literature?


Because We Can Empty Our Emotions

While the author expresses his feelings and relaxes, the reader shares his feelings and the burdens on both of them are lightened. It is a liberation from negativity, it is freedom. Both of them feel healed.

We Gain Consciousness

As we write, we grasp the events, untie the knots in our minds, gain awareness as we read, comprehend the events and learn from the experiences. The reader does not need to experience everything in life all the time. Sometimes, what is lived and written becomes advice for them.


We Open Doors to Different Worlds

The monotony of life often bores us all, at that moment we may enter into a love affair, perhaps into a world with dragons, or perhaps into a detective story. Even for a short time, we can escape from the difficulties of life and embark on new adventures from where we sit. They become a shelter for us.

literature and healing %%sep%% The Benefits of Literature - The Benefits of Reading - Literature and Depression - How Does Literature Heal?

Literature Heals

Literature is a powerful antideprassant. these are healing examples of literature:

1. Reduces Stress: Experts say that reading for at least 6 minutes reduces stress.
2. Depression and Addictions: According to psychologists, individuals who read are less likely to be depressed. It also helps the individual to love himself.
3. Provides a Quality Sleep: Reading allows us to sleep comfortably.
4. Makes You Feel Happy: Reading and writing give us pleasure. Because the tangled tails of the foxes in our heads begin to unravel.

Intelligence and Culture

It is a proven knowledge that reading increases the level of intelligence, expands our imagination, learns to empathize, and allows us to look at life from a wider perspective. It also increases our level of culture in technology, science, art, philosophy, psychology, history and more.


We Use Correct Language and Express Ourselves

Language is the most important element of a nation. Using the language correctly also allows us to express ourselves well and people understand us.


Reading and writing improve us, and I mentioned the importance of reading while creating a new self. Also, you can follow us on this subject and learn much more about them 🙂


By Writing We Become Immortal

Death is a fact of this life. However, if we want to leave a mark on future generations, writing is a very appropriate way to do it.

In summary, literature acts as a powerful antidepressant, literature heals us. It makes us happy, makes us a good individual for society, develops, questions, teaches, etc.

Hope you stay with the books!



Esma Buse SARMA

❝ My name is Esma Buse Sarma. I am a student who loves to read and write, who is also interested in philosophy and politics, the founder of a school magazine(Savruk Dergi), and a blogger. 




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