compassion for yourself %%sep%%“love yourself first” no, self-compassion first!%%sep%% commiseration, feeling, sympathy %%sep%%

You have compassion for others others, why not have compassion for yourself too? When we see our friends suffer or feel down, we approach them with compassion and warmth; but when it comes to ourselves we tend to be a little cruel which leads to more problems. It’s not like we are less valuable than others, no? If one can’t treat themselves right, how would they manage to treat anyone else as they should?

Every human being faces difficulties in their lives. It has been noticed that weare more kind and understanding to other people than ourselves when it comes to these difficulties. We treat ourselves more cruelly and approach ourselves in a critical manner. You approach others with compassion but you often forget or ignore having compassion for yourself.


After facing a challenge, a mistake, or a bump on this road that we call life, we need our own support and inner compassion. Self-compassion is significant for the protection of our mental health and helps us be more aware of what is going on.

Mindfulness, Common Humanity, and Self-kindness.

 Self-compassion has three initial materials: mindfulness, common humanity, and self-kindness.

Mindfulness: When you have compassion for yourself, you are aware of your own struggles and sufferings; you bring attention to your feelings and thoughts, and you are non-judgemental. You accept your sentiments and you focus on understanding what is going on.

Common humanity: Humans are social beings. We share our thoughts and words with each other. Whether something exciting or distressing happens, we feel the need to tell each other because these happenings and feelings we encounter are similar. With our compassionate nature, we manage to understand others.

compassion for yourself %%sep%% “love yourself first” no, self-compassion first!%%sep%% commiseration, feeling, sympathy %%sep%%


Self-kindness: Being kind to oneself instead of criticizing. We are already dealing with difficulties, why make ourselves feel worse with cruelty? If you have compassion for yourself, and let yourself understand your own feelings; you become more kind to yourself.

  Why do we need Self-Compassion?         

Taking care of your mental health and keeping your motivations on the roll doesn’t come from pitying yourself. Having compassion for yourself is not an act to scoff. You are just simply taking care of yourself and listening to your thoughts for more positive results! You have a chance to improve your daily life quality by being compassionate to yourself. With self-compassion, comes confidence, bravery, good motivation, healthy social relationships, happiness, self-esteem, life satisfaction, and more!


compassion for yourself %%sep%% “love yourself first” no, self-compassion first!%%sep%% commiseration, feeling, sympathy %%sep%%

“Love Yourself First” no, Self-Compassion First!

 They always say “love yourself first”, which is not wrong. But if you don’t understand and not know who you are; how will you love yourself? When you have compassion for yourself, you listen to yourself, care about your thoughts; you get to know you. You are mindful, considerate and aware of what is going on with you, and most importantly kind to yourself. If you manage to understand yourself better, you can also understand life better as a whole. Everything starts with you, so why not have compassion for yourself firstly? In this manner, you will be able to communicate better with people. Everything will be easier and clearer this way.


If you have compassion for yourself, you are living your life in a more relaxed and enjoyable way!


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