THE IMPACT OF BEING CONFIDENT ON SUCCESSWhat is self confidence? We can say that self-confident individuals are more successful in life. So what is self- confidence? Self-confidence refers to self-confidence and respect for oneself. Being self-confident allows people to be successful both in their social life and in their working life. Every successful person starts their business with the self-confidence they have in themselves. The important thing is the trust and respect for him. The self-confidence that a person has in himself brings him success. It also makes one a person of courage.


What is the relationship between success and self-confidence?

Self-confidence is directly proportional to success. Believing in success is an indication that you are a self-confident person. In the human mind, their thoughts are important.

What do confidence mean %%sep%% Define what is self esteem %%sep%% What is the meaning of succes %%sep%% 2- How to be successful and self-confident?

Every phrase spoken through the mind comes to life as a prayer, and whatever the thought is, it becomes a reality. Successful people are one step closer to success by imagining in their minds that their work is on track and that their work is complete. The main thing is to think positively and be comfortable. For example, if you approach the other person positively, that person will complete his work in a pleasant and comfortable way. Thus, the person has self- confidence. It gets maximum efficiency from the works done by obtaining self-confidence.


Contributions are made to the institution and company where it is worked.

In the works done, the person reveals himself. It turns into a social personality. He does not run away from work. Takes responsibility. And he becomes a responsible individual.

With the increase of responsibilities, the person takes on a brave character. Imagination develops. He considers taking risks in life. And whatever their job, they complete the task they put their minds to in the best way. If a person lacks self-confidence, he will not let go of negative thoughts and will not enjoy his work. The person runs away from work with the self-insecurity experienced. He shirks his responsibilities. He is irresponsible and resembles a lazy student who constantly postpones his work. They become cowards. Cowardly people also become susceptible to self-exclusion by society. They escape from the simplest obstacles. They don’t make an effort to try.  You just have to complete your day. There are certain time frames. During this time, the person leads to self-depression.

What do confidence mean %%sep%% Define what is self esteem %%sep%% What is the meaning of succes %%sep%% 2- How to be successful and self-confident?

What does success have to do with being self-confident and brave?

Being brave is closely associated with self-confidence and success. To be brave is not to be fearless, but to be stuck in the obstacles that come on the road and to move on. They are people who focus on success, not failures for the sake of a goal. After all, by human nature, we think that success will be given to us with a golden tray. But success doesn’t come easily.


The real success is the failures experienced and the obstacles that come our way. Never giving up leads us to success. Success requires a certain amount of knowledge and courage. Being the owner of this success is closely related to being a self-confident person. Self- confidence actually encompasses many things. Being brave, being someone who likes to take risks, having developed imagination is directly proportional to self-confidence and success. In fact, what is called success is the other elements that underlie self-confidence.



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