mind mapping %%sep%% How can we learn more easily? how to make mind maps %%sep%% brainstorming maps %%sep%% mind map generator

“Learning develops the power of the mind,” says Horatius. However, to develop the power of our mind, we also need to know the necessary learning technique.The concept of mind mapping is a technique created for exactly this purpose.The mind map has emerged because of studies on the brain. The mind map, which started in the 1970s only as note-taking, developed over time and became very popular as an effective learning technique.

What is mind mapping?

 A mind map is the visualization of ideas and concepts that we create as a result of the mind mapping technique.

Mind mapping is a technique for grouping your thoughts and information. It is also a technique that individuals of all age groups can easily apply.


In the mind map; visual elements, images, symbols, keywords are used, which visualizes thoughts and provides focus on the main idea and facilitates connection, and guides you to reach the right result.

In addition, mind mapping is a technique that contributes to issues such as planning life, organizing work, improving learning styles, nurturing creativity, and increasing motivation.

mind mapping %%sep%% How can we learn more easily? how to make mind maps %%sep%% brainstorming maps %%sep%% mind map generator

How to make a mind map?

Creating a mind map is pretty easy. All we need is a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

  • First of all, it is necessary to determine the boundaries of an idea, topic, or problem.
  • To make a mind map, the predetermined topic is placed in the center of the paper. It is recommended to use the paper horizontally to get more efficiency and expand your work area.
  • You can draw branches around the subject you wrote in the middle of the blank paper using colored pencils and place all the themes related to the problem you have centered on these branches.
  • Catchy keywords should be written on the colored branches extending from the center to the titles.
  • You can use catchy keywords as well as images and symbols
  • New branches can be created if the titles also need to have sub-titles.
  • Reminder visuals can be placed at the points where the branches end

mind mapping %%sep%% How can we learn more easily? how to make mind maps %%sep%% brainstorming maps %%sep%% mind map generator

Benefits of the mind map?

Thanks to the mind map, you can remove the confusion in your mind, generate new and creative ideas about the subject you want to learn, and facilitate your learning.

  1. makes it catchy by visualizing it.
  2. Helps with time management
  3. Plans and programs life, removes the complexity
  4. It helps to generate new ideas.
  5. It nurtures and develops creativity.
  6. Brings alternative solutions to problems.
  7. It contributes to the strengthening of memory of individuals experiencing forgetfulness.


Mind mapping is a technique that I use all the time and find very useful. It helps me a lot, especially in terms of which jobs I should prioritize in my education life and not forgetting the things I need to do. It is a technique that is constantly used in my department, except in my private life. Everyone in the department first creates a mind map in the assignments, and in this way, different ideas and designs can emerge.

If you try it, I am sure you will find it very useful…

mind mapping %%sep%% How can we learn more easily? how to make mind maps %%sep%% brainstorming maps %%sep%% mind map generator Büşra DAĞ 

❝  Hello! I am Büşra. I am a City and Regional Planning student at METU. I like reading, writing, and drawing. My motto is “keep going until the last moment.” Thank you for reading my article.



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