learning language %%sep%% Advantages of learning a foreign language %%sep%% Language learning helps develop strong cognitive skills Did you know that how impact the person for learning language or what are these advantages? Sure it’s not so easy process and actually language learning is the situation, what continues since our childhood.

So when we learn our native language, we couldn’t speak immediately as you know. First of all every word was repeated over and over , which was heard by parents and environment.


Accordingly, this process is almost the same, as you start to learn new language. Firstly you recognize it and then you start to use in your life.

Most of People afraid of making mistakes during learning foreign language. Contrary to what is supposed, it is so normal, when learning another language. Even we can say that the more mistakes are made, the more benefits are got actually!


The best way learning foreign language is living in that language. On the ground that definitely you must make mistakes both pronunciation and making sentence.

learning language %%sep%% Advantages of learning a foreign language %%sep%% Language learning helps develop strong cognitive skills
The most important thing is being patient

When you face at first mistake, you shouldn’t be drop out. On the contrary, you should insist on learning the true one.

You had better keep up more practise with the aim of gaining experience

In addition to this learning foreign language is like brain exercises and according to experts it prevents from alzheimars disease


You think this like gymnastics, therefore in language skill you become better day by day If you maintain this regularly, your memory would improve and undoubtly you become more better in focusing

Communicating effectively

It provides on the other hand communicating skills especially you can communicate easily. Suppose that you need to meet a person because of a business or another reason and for example it is necessary to speak in english. You should know that this may be great opportunity for you and your career. Besides your self-esteem gets stronger.

A Famous Italian Film Director and Screenwriter Federico Fellini said that “A different language is a different vision of life.”

We can understand from this quoet how benefit learning a different langugage. So you not only improve yourself bu also have cultural awareness And thus, you can learn a new language, which you want.

But be sure!  Which and how you can learn effectively. There are so many different methods for learning. If you know your best learning method, it would really useful in your studies

Plan your own study Schedule

It is really important to plan your study schedule, moreover you can benefit from technology in the best way.


Plan your daily routine, for example; according to your language level, read short stories, listen podcasts, follow daily news then you should certainly apply what you learned.

learning language %%sep%% Advantages of learning a foreign language %%sep%% Language learning helps develop strong cognitive skills

Learn to Speak a New Language!

Certainly there is no boundary to learn language! No matter how difficult it is, the result is really powerful and it cause awareness in all respects.

In this way you know a new culture. That’s why, i want to remind again, you get these more easily;

  1. Career Opportunities
  2. Creativity
  3. Memory Improvement better
  4. Cultural Awareness
  5. Communicating Effectively

Of course we cannot count all of the benefits of learning foreign language yet these are the most important things in your life.

Actually you definitly know that when you adjust to learn a new language, you can succeed it everyway.


Hi, I’m Zeynep Karaca and study about German Language and Literatur at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. I love to experience different cultures and communicate with people.



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