a productive day %%sep%% WAYS TO HAVE A PRODUCTIVE DAY HOW TO BE EFFICIEVE A %%sep%% starts with good self-organization and creating value

What is the secret to having a productive day? Some days we may feel like our lives are out of the way. We can’t wake up with the same feelings every day.  We don’t know how it will be productive one day. For this reason, sometimes you have a nice day, and some days you just want to sleep. When you make many plans, sometimes you just find ourselves in a depressed mood in bed. You can find ways to spend your day more productively by using the tips I will give you shortly.

*To adopt a habit, you need to do it regularly for 21 days. Make these behaviors routine. Afterwards, both your day and your life will be productive.

The first all, how to create a routine? What is your level of knowledge on this subject?


Routine means something that is not surprising and is now habitual because it is repeated often.

A Good Sleep

a productive day %%sep%% WAYS TO HAVE A PRODUCTIVE DAY HOW TO BE EFFICIEVE A %%sep%% starts with good self-organization and creating value

Sleep is the most important step for the body to rest. An average of 8 hours of sleep makes you more energetic the next day. While quality and regular sleep adds vitality to you, it starts the day with energy and increases your productivity, and contributes to your social life and health.

Start the Day Early

a productive day %%sep%% WAYS TO HAVE A PRODUCTIVE DAY HOW TO BE EFFICIEVE A %%sep%% starts with good self-organization and creating value

Did you know that many successful people start their day early? When you wake up early, you can devote more time to your work. This makes your work more beautiful and organized.

Use a Calendar

a productive day %%sep%% WAYS TO HAVE A PRODUCTIVE DAY HOW TO BE EFFICIEVE A %%sep%% starts with good self-organization and creating value

Planning the day is perhaps the most important step. You learn to divide the day into hours and use it in the most efficient way. Prevents them from regretting not doing or forgetting your work at the end of the day.

For Example;

  • A presentation you have to deliver
  • To do sport
  • Join the meeting
  • Do your homework … 

 A Healty Berakfast

a productive day %%sep%% WAYS TO HAVE A PRODUCTIVE DAY HOW TO BE EFFICIEVE A %%sep%% starts with good self-organization and creating value

A clean and healthy breakfast increases your energy throughout the day. Preferring high-calorie foods for breakfast can disturb you all day. Include healthier and more satisfying foods such as eggs, cheese, omelette for breakfast. You can make porridge and garnish it with fruit. If you want something lighter and healthier, you can also choose smoothes.


Exercise for healthy for at least half an hour

a productive day

Add a sports routine to your day. Exercise is not just for weight loss. You should exercise to be healthy.

For example;

  • Jogging or walking provides fresh air to your lungs,
  • Builds your cardio muscles,
  • Doing sports helps you reduce your troubles, have fun and cheer up, in short, enjoy life,
  • Helps your body to stand upright,
  • Increases your mental alertness,
  • If you have high blood pressure, it reduces the need for medication to control it by 20-30%.
  • Helps you quit smoking
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease.

Be grateful for what you have

At some times of the day, you may lose your mood due to the intensity. Be grateful for the things in your life when you feel this way. Take 1-2 minutes to yourself and thank God for what you have given you.


This activity is a spiritual introspection like meditation. If you have time during the day, you can also do 5-10 minute mini meditation sessions.

Do a Positive Activity

Some activities teach you something while entertaining you. Include such activities in your daily routine so that you can have a productive day.

For instance;

  • reading book,
  • do puzzles,
  • design a costume
  • knit knit
  • cook a meal
  • draw a picture & do a painting
  • learn a foreign language

Organize Your Library

Collecting and keeping the environment we live in motivates us more. Studying, doing business, living in a clean environment gives us a more productive life. You can collect your library in many different ways. For example;

  • Arrange in alphabetical order,
  • sorting by genres,
  • sort by color,
  • sort by height,
  • sorting over and over.

Never Say “I Can’t Do İt”

a productive day

Making excuses is only for unsuccessful people. Motivate yourself throughout the day. Follow the motivation pages, read motivational articles.


* This stage is very important to maintain your psychological state during the day. Repeat these daily as much as possible. The most important stage of having a productive day is the psychological state. Only do this step when you feel very bad psychologically.



Set Limits For Yourself

Browsing TV and the Internet is fun and good for relaxation, but both have a tendency to take time away from your main job. Set an alarm on your watch or phone to remind you when it’s time to get things started. Spend a maximum of 2 hours on social media during the day. Remember, long hours of phone and computer use are harmful to health.

  • Eye fatigue,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Long distance focusing problem,
  • Eye dryness,
  • Headache,
  • Neck, back and shoulder pain.

Book Reading Break

How about a half hour book break to end your day? If you are thinking of what to read tonight, I can suggest a few books.

  • George Orwall – 1984
  • William Golding – Lord Of The Flies
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince
  • George Orwall – Anımal Farm
  • Franz Kafka – The Metamorphosis
  • John Verdon – Think of a Number
  • Albert Camus – The Stranger
  • Jerome David Salinger – The Catcher in the Rye
  • Josteın Garder – Maya

Reward Yourself

Setting rewards for completing tasks will strengthen your willingness to start hard work. As a reward, do something you usually don’t have time to do, such as watching a movie. The rewards don’t have to be huge. Choose the little things that make you happy.


Writing a Diary

Writing a journal not only develops a person, but also develops the habit of writing. İt, revealing your feelings and telling yourself will show the positive psychological development of the individual. At the same time, since the person describes himself in the diary, the author has the opportunity to observe his own life.

Don’t Forget the 21 Day Rule

Bervin YANIK

❝ Hello, I’m Bervin. I am a public relations and advertising student at Anadolu University. Writing is myhobby. Teaching people new things makes me happy. I hope my articles teach you something and motivate you.



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