İf you want to improve your self-esteem, you need to challenge the negative thoughts you have about yourself. We all feel low self-esteem at times. So you’re not the only one who feels these feelings.

However, what matters is that it does not become a long-term situation.  Because low self-esteem might lead to mental health problems.  But of course,  you have a fair amount of control when it comes to improving your level of self-confidence. With concrete changes, you can control your mind and your body  and increase your low self-esteem. You can do things to feel better about yourself. It’s never too late.

Here are some tips to improve your self-esteem !

1)- Learn to love yourself

I know that It’s so easy to tell someone “Love yourself”. And also I know it’s hard to achieve that. But you should be aware of the inner voice that sabotages your self-love and tell the voice to stop. Research shows, that people who have high self-love are more likely to be happy and more self esteem.  Therefore turn the your critical inner voice, into something more positive.

2)- Stop comparing yourself to others

Basing your worth on other people cause you to lose your self-respect. Remember that there will always be someone better than you at something. But nobody is perfect. It is your perception that everyone is perfect will only breed anxiety and stress. And of course, it will create low self-esteem.  İf you want to improve your low self-esteem, you should stop competing with others. Instead of competing with others, set goals for yourself. And work hard to achieve your goal. And just compete with yourself.

3)- Take care of your body and mind

It’s normal you have a low self-esteem to if you’re abusing your body. The best way to regain confidence is to practice self-care, get enough exercise, meditation, diet… Buy clothes that fit you perfectly. Build a skin care routine. Become a bookworm. Reading strengthens your brain, increases your ability to empathize, builds your vocabulary…

4)- You can start a new hobby today

When you struggle with low self-esteem what you need is to take action. And the hobby will be an excellent step for that.  When increase your skills in any area of life will find out who you are. You’ll realise that how you have always underestimated yourself. The hobby you have makes you feel better by giving you a sense of accomplishment every time you progress on that hobby. Hobbies provide many other benefits such as increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

How to improve self-esteem

5)- Keep on learning to improve your self-esteem


Self-improvement allows individuals to become the best versions of themselves. You learn to regulate your emotions and thoughts, therefore improving self-regard. Learning new skills help you stop thinking about other people’s opinions. You can say whatever you want to say without hesitation. And of course, your self-confidence will improve.


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