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Building a new me it’s a very important topic stay strong and be hopefull . Life does not greet us with its best parts all the time. Life can place us in a garden full of roses, but do not forget that every rose has its thorns, and gardens might have bumpy roads. Life can place people, but sometimes wrong people, in tiny chambers of our hearts, even if we thought they were right for us. Life sometimes plays its games with us, but sometimes it passes the pen to us to write our own destiny. Whatever happens, the time does not stop.


Hence, we should get a grip of ourselves, leave the ghosts of the past behind and make the best of this moment. There are positive and negative things in life, and this is what makes life colorful. You cannot spell the rainbow without rain. You should live whatever you feel, and do not suppress them. If you hit the bottom, then should get yourself out of that wreck.  “How?” you might ask. This is what we are here for. I, as a friend that understands you well, will give some suggestions to you. Today, we will be building a new me ourselves!


Dream and Stay Hopeful.

First, if I want building a new me, I should never say never! Yes, we fell, but that doesn’t mean we cannot come back stronger. If we are still alive, there is hope. Now it’s time to get up, set new goals, and do not let the darkness to capture you, instead let silver lining to shine. At times like this, hope is the biggest support. And so, the work powered with this hope. It’s time to light the fire inside of us. Never give up!


Use the Art!

Write, draw, paint, play an instrument, sing… Is there anything that can express our feelings more than art? Moreover, producing something will also give us energy and motivation that we need. Build a new you with new hobbies!

Building A New Me- Develop yourself- How Can I Build A New Me? How Can I Stay Motivated? Self-care – About Life- Personal Development



People that understand us comforts us, right? Not to feel lonely, is one of the best feelings. Call someone you love, write a blog, just do not keep it all inside.


.Self-love, Self-care, Self-respect…

Sometimes we are mean to ourselves, even if most of the times we do not deserve it. We shouldn’t talk with ourselves negatively. We forget the child inside us due to the chaos of the life. Sometimes, treating ourselves like we treat someone else that we love under similar circumstances may work. We should not forget to take time for ourselves and do good things for ourselves. Most important thing, forgive yourself, everyone made mistakes…


Gaining Confidence

Although wearing clothes that make us feel better and feeling beautiful are very important to gain confidence, I actually want to talk about “improving ourselves”


I believe that people should be versatile. However, I am sure that there are some activities that interest you more? While it’s summer, why not do those activities? Or exercise and be healthy? We should always spare time for reading and be open to learning.

Building A New Me- Develop yourself- How Can I Build A New Me? How Can I Stay Motivated? Self-care – About Life- Personal Development

Believe in Yourselves

Even if it is a little cliché, unless you believe in yourself, no one else will.

That is why you should first convince yourself. Even though, there will be people that will not believe in you, it is easier to not hear them once you believe in yourself. Now, think about your accomplishments and work to achieve more.


 Provide and Maintain Motivation

 If you must study, or a report or a project due, its time to start working. You can use the 5 second rule. Give yourself 5 seconds not to work and get out of bed immediately without thinking any further afterwards. You will see that it works 😉 Besides, you can create a dream board, use the pomodoro technique, prepare a playlist that motivates you, and work with your friends. Moreover, you can personalize your working environment. However, the most important thing is to try. When we are tired, of course, we will rest, but we must not stop moving forward with small steps.

Last But Not Least 🙂

To maintain our motivation and build a better self, we must first get rid of negative energies. Stay away from relationships that hurt you, don’t listen to those who make you feel worthless, don’t blame yourself for having the wrong people in your life. Everyone who comes into your life has taught you something.

Finally, we must work hard if we want to spice up our lives. If we want to build a new self, we must not forget that it will take time, and we must be patient with ourselves.

Building a new us is need time so we should be patience to ourselves.

With hope to say “I lived” when everything ends, for better or for worse!

Esma Buse SARMA

❝ My name is Esma Buse Sarma. I am a student who loves to read and write, who is also interested in philosophy and politics, the founder of a school magazine(Savruk Dergi), and a blogger. 






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