You will create the ability of positive thinking

To create the ability of positive thinking, you should be able to change your point of view. Firstly, stopping to focus on the negative is a good start. When you focus on the negative, you miss the opportunity to realize the positive in life.

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Second to that, you need to not take life and people seriously in excessive amounts. Surely you care about people around you, that is a normal thing. But you need to care in a healthy way. Acceptance of that will help you to accept yourself and stay motivated about being positive. You are responsible for your own actions in this life. By these actions you create your own memories. If you focus on the idea of ‘’I am missing something’’, you would fuel yourself with anxiety. That causes you to block yourself from learning positive thinking.

You might learn to focus on the good things by watching and observing other people that are able to do that. Also there are lots of books about positive   thinking, if you enjoy reading. Practicing not to get stuck on negative things that are happening, would lift the weight of unnecessary negativeness on your mind.  Also, there is a need to let go of  things that you are not able to change. That way, you can convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts.


There is a way to find out a formula of happiness. To accomplish that, firstly  you have to learn about what makes you feel good, safe and mentally healthy. Also what makes you feel the opposite.The formula for happiness is different for every one of us. It depends on your inner world and also, the way that you see the outside world. You should try not to feed your anxiety with every little bad or negative detail in life.

In addition to that, you definitely should stop complaining and start searching for a resolution. If you are not able to fix the problem, you need to let it go. Do not force yourself, do not build stress, because it leads to anger and frustration. In fact you need to let things go to free your mind. Freeing your mind helps you to work on your motivation for staying positive. In life, there are going to be problems. For every problem, there will be a solution. You need to accept that you can not and do not have to solve everything by yourself. If you accept it, you give yourself an opportunity to resolve the main cause of your negative thinking.

To create the ability of positive thinking,

And you should never forget that there is no such thing as constant or permanent happiness in life. Sometimes you will feel sad. The important thing here is, how do you cope with it so you do not cause yourself more sadness.


To be able to think positively, you are going to discover your formula of happiness. Taking on a hobby might help this process. Something creative and/or relaxing could help to think differently. By thinking differently, you can change your point of view. After that, you find what helps you to discover your formula of happiness. Due to that formula, you will create the ability of positive thinking.




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