5 Tips to Communicate More Effectively!

Effective communication skills the base of great and lasting relationships our in life.These communication skills allow us to stay a step ahead of the pack both in our professional and personal lives.

Developing an effective communication process  in or out of the workplace requires some communication techniques. So, you don’t have to have an innate talent. Below are some specific ways you can begin to improve your communication skills and self-esteem. Keep on reading to learn more about effective communication skills.

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5 Tips to Communicate More Effectively!

1)- Be a good listener

Speak is important to a healthy relationship. But equally important, is how you listen your speaker’s message. Think about it please. Would you want to talk to someone who never shuts up? A good communicators are always a good listeners. So, To become a more effective communicator, get in the habit of listening.

2)- You should communicate with more people to improve your effective communication skills

The second way to communicate effectively is to talk with more people. You usually get together with people in public places, such as a shopping mall, bus, train, cafe, restaurant. You need to practice talking with people.  For example, When someone who wants to do a survey comes to you, listen to that person and then ask questions.  You can ask  a question to the salesperson at the store. So talking to more people means more effective communication.

3)- Focus on that moment

Focusing on that moment just means to consciously be aware of what is happening in the moment. So often we are in our heads thinking about if we are going to establish effective communication with someone else. Do not attach any sort of meaning to that moment.  When you have a conversation with someone, just try to listen. İf you keep focusing on your thoughts and yourself, your voice and hands will keep shaking during speaking. Just focus on that moment to improve your effective communication skills.

4)- Focus on nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication  is an important part of building your communication skills. Make eye contact when you are speaking and listening with someone in any setting. Avoid distracting movements and poor posture, keep your hands away from your face and hair, pay attention to your vocal tone… Then you will have good communication skills.

5)- Manage your emotions for effective communication skills

Stress and excitement is the killer of successful communication. If you can’t manage your emotions, this makes you’re a bad communicator. While speaking, you should control your reactions. A strong communicator will not her/him emotions to unnecessarily creep into a professional or personel setting. This can lead to conflict. Therefore, always smile.

Of course there are some exceptions. If your friend isn’t making eye contact or always fidgeting, don’t smile at her/him.  Don’t try to communicate effectively with people who make you feel worthless.

“You will be a happier person for sure.”

- You should communicate with more people to improve your effective communication skills



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