How to be happy: 5 ways to be happier today

How are you happy? In fact, everyone’s understanding of happiness is a little different, so everyone’s path is also different. But of course there are common scientific ways to be happy. I will share with you 5 science-based ways to be happy. Keep reading. 

Maybe you don’t like yourself, your colleagues, your life, your family. Also maybe you like yourself, your wife, your life, your job but you don’t know how to be happy.  Maybe, you are alone and you try to be happ with yourself. But, none of that matters. İf you take action with the 5 tips that I have compiled, you will be happy both now and all the time.

You can be happy with just these 5 tips!

1- Have a clean room and body

Cleaning your room can be a seemingly trivial thing but this  helps  you to have a happier state of mind. You can think of this as a task and every task that you complete will boost  your confidence and self-esteem. If you take a shower after cleaning your room, a clean body will help you feel more relaxed and happy. And finally, a piece of dark chocolate and coffee. Be sure, you will become a more positive person in a short time.

2- Get some exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to combat unhappiness. Research shows that exercise has many benefits including decreased risk of depression.  So try to do the simplest exercises that you can. You can choose walking or running for exercise. It will definitely be better for you to get away from home.

3-Stop comparing yourself to other people

Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. if you are doing this, it means you have found the potionof unhappiness. But, I have bad news for you. You will never run out of things to compare. There will always be someone who is happier, more social, more successful, and richer. Therefore compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to others. Just try to be better than you were yesterday.


How to be happy: 5 ways to be happier today

4- Make a plan

If you don’t have a purpose in life and don’t know what to do then you can’t be happy. So you have to make an important decision. Think about your weaknesses first. What are the things that make you unhappy? Friends or Social Media? Stay away from them. Your workplace, your family, or your failures? Then work hard to get away from them one day.  There is always a solution for everything. Just make a plan and take action.

5- Stop Whining to be happy





It takes courage to take a step, willpower to continue. A whining step will not make you happy. If you want to be happy, you must take more than one step with courage and willpower. You have to be a good warrior to change your direction, your place and you. Whining is not the end of any unhappiness or the beginning of any happiness. That’s why everything you write in your notebook should be integrated into your life.

“Remember! Whatever your circumstances, have everything you need to create your own happiness right now.”


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