How to overcome procrastination - How to not procrastinate – How to stop procrastination – How to deal with procrastination

Do we know how to overcome procrastination? Delaying has become a habit of many people in today’s society. The things we have to do bother us in our daily life. Postponed or interrupted tasks occupy our brain. Like dozens of tabs open on the computer,it can cause the system to slow down. It limits the freedom of our mind. For our mental health,we need to break this habit.

Why we have the habit of delaying?

Fear of failure

Before we speak about how to overcome procrastination,let’s talk about the some possible causes. We delay taking action because we fear failure. In fact failing shows that we are struggling. Negative consequences don’t last forever. If we don’t act,everything will remain as it is. Considering all possibilities,we must set out. Being on the road is a process and that’s the beauty.


One of many reasons is to try to be perfect. Perfectionism is the enemy of good. We try to be very good at a lot of things at the same time. When there are so many different categories we deal with,we can’t keep up with them all. Because we are used to procrastination,many things are interrupted. There is no sustainability in our life.

How to overcome procrastination - How to not procrastinate – How to stop procrastination – How to deal with procrastination

Uncertain Goals

We set goals for ourselves,but it is interrupted because it is not clear. For example,we say that I want to watch more documentaries. How many do we want to watch? If we set a target of 2 documentaries in a week,we will strive for it. It will also be easier to keep track of ourselves. By setting a clear goal,we can overcome procrastination.


What can we do?

There are of course many ways to overcome procrastination,but today we will only cover three.

Keep a to-do list

There are many things to do in our work life or in our personal life. When we have too much things in our minds,we get stressed. We can be angry with ourselves for things we forget during the day. We can make a to-do list so we don’t forget and put it in order. You can keep your to-do list online or in a notebook. If you don’t want to carry your notebook with you all the time,you can also do it on your phone. You can choose whichever suits your soul better. It can be easier to overcome procrastination when we make a list of things we need to do.  Seeing you get things done at the end of the day or week can increase your motivation.



First we need to prioritize what we have to do. We can overcome procrastination more easily when we know our priorities. If we have a lot of things,we can divide them into three subcategories. These titles can be ‘must do’,’should do’ and ‘wishes’. This method can relax your mind. When the items to be done are clear,it will be easier to get started. Starting with the most important is a logical option. Another option is to get short-term jobs done right now. Quickly eliminate tasks that can be done in less than 5 minutes. For example,you have to make a phone call that you have postponed for days,you should do it right now. At least one of the things in your head is off the list. Knowing your priorities helps you stay focused.

How to overcome procrastination - How to not procrastinate – How to stop procrastination – How to deal with procrastination

Set Yourself Time

Overcoming procrastination is no easy thing. We must make an effort for deal with the postponement. Decide what to do right now or you’ll be lost. Let’s say you have lots of works,but you don’t know what to do. When you don’t set a specific time for your tasks,things can get messy. Tasks without deadlines make us prone to procrastination. I would like to give an example of a very common situation. When we want to lose or gain weight,we wait for Monday.


When we attend an invitation on Monday,we delay this diet until the next month. If you have a goal of losing 5 kilos,you may find it difficult to get a result in near future. For a more beneficial process,a goal of losing 5 kilos in 2 months can help.

Procrastination pushes us back from where we are. If we look at something from far,it seems very far away. It will seems close in time when we start walking. Taking action is the best investment!



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