All students needs to study effectively techniques. Sometimes they might be feel lazy because of they haven’t a plan what they do or they don’t know how to start. Probably, every student has felt like that least a few times. Then I try to explain the ways to study effectively. If you are a student and want to be succeed in your studies, you should try this way. Then let start.

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1) Make a Daily Schedule

If you’re learn that want to study effectively techniques. Then, how to make a daily schedule for yourself? Firstly, you should organized what a daily study schedule. It’s so important habit for us to see what we are going to do in a day. It doesn’t matter when you make this plan. Important thing is to know what to do and how long to study this day. Also your schedule should be realistic and detailed. Namely, you should avoid to add too much topic throughout the day. You have to detail what to study topic but how? You select the title of the study topic for that day.


2) You Know When to Say “No”

You have to stick your plan and learn to study effectively techniques if you want to be succeed. When should you say no? Sure, you should hang out with your friends and family. However when you organized to topic you have to do that. Even you want to go your friend. You can go another day. You should respect your plan and friends too.


study effectively techniques

3) Get Away From Your Phone

When you study, your phone shouldn’t be on the study table because of somebody might send a message just when you’re focused. That’ll distract you. Then your phone must be away from you.

4) Remember Your Dreams

Do you remember your dreams? As my opinion this the most important part for study effectively techniques. Sometimes you can feel the motivation is low. That’s normal. You feel like that you can imagine doing the job you wanted. For example you want to be a lawyer. Imagine you’re in a court and defending your client. Thus you might feel more motivated.

5) Clear Your Desk

It other important thing is the table is tidy. Nobody can’t focused on messy table. Our table must be tidy so we know what we do.





“ Hi everyone, I am H. Vildan Kabasakal. I am live in Isparta. I am a student of international relation at Bursa Uludağ University. I’ll get my degree at this july . When ı was study this part, really like it because ı discovered different country, culture .”




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