CHANGING YOUR LIFE BY TAKING SMALL STEPSStep by step to achieve change.

Change and development is a phenomenon we always want, and it is actually one of the healthiest ways to achieve change and development step by step. In today’s living conditions, we all think about the facts that will be good for us and try to impose them on our lives. If we are a smoker, we think that quitting smoking will bring us both mental and physical benefits.


We may have different unpleasant habits or on the contrary,

we want to add a new feature to our good life. We would like to add an event such as learning a new language, which is difficult but will bring a lot of benefits to our lives. But the habits we want to quit or the behaviours we want to add never succeed unless we put a lot of willpower into them.


Some of us try to add something new to our lives by putting a management in a way that is really self-destructive. So, how can we transition to a life that will not leave the diet that we will start on Monday on the third day without destroying ourselves and pushing ourselves too much? As can be seen from the prominent title here, it is to go “step by step”.

Step by step to achieve change.

We have planned about our life, and we want to implement it.

We decided this ourselves after a bad night or negative situations. In this case, the mistake most of us make is that we force ourselves to make these new decisions without giving any warning to our brain the next day, as if they had been in our lives for years. At these moments, our brain and body begin not to provide us with this motivation after a certain point, and we are no longer able to add these decisions to our lives.


But let us imagine that we are working our brains slowly. For example, everyone wants to make a habit of reading books in our age and most of us are aware of the importance of reading, but the number of people who read books constantly is exceptionally low compared to this awareness. People who want to introduce the habit of reading books into their lives generally force themselves to read a hundred pages at once the next day without reading anything for a long time. This naturally brings with it apathy and loss of motivation as a result of a natural reaction to the newly encountered activity by the brain.

Step by step to achieve change.

At this point, what needs to be done is to manage everything slowly and in a process. If we want to read a book, it is to start with ten pages, maybe five pages, and progress by putting a little more than the previous day every day. If we want to start a diet, if we want to learn software or if we want to learn a language, the examples can be multiplied. What needs to be done is to start with the smallest step that can be taken. In this way, the brain adapts to this process and releases more motivating emotions and hormones every day for new habits than the previous one.


And at the end of this process, the situation related to the habit that is desired to be gained or abandoned will suddenly become a part of the person himself without even realizing it. In summary, in some cases, a calm and process-oriented approach is better than sharp and radical solutions.

We should always go step by step in our lives with this awareness. The past and the future guarantee that we will definitely reach the end of the road we want to reach after we take our steps in a healthy way. If we describe it in the most concise way, it seems like a healthier method than other ways to reach the desired goal step by step.

Step by step to achieve change…


Ahmet GÜL

❝ I am a third-year history student. In addition, I write and work in my own fields of interest and academically. I love trying to improve myself in different areas.



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